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Automotive lubricants

At Zeller+Gmelin, you will find a wide range of DIVINOL® lubricants for cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers.

Product categories

Engine Oil Car
Engine Oil Commercial Vehicles
Engine Oils Two-Wheelers
Automotive Gear Oils
Two-stroke Oil

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Click here and use our Divinol oil guide and find the right Divinol engine or transmission oil for your vehicle.

DIVINOL® lubricants for Automotive applications

DIVINOL lubricants for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers offer a wide range of motor , transmission, hydraulic oils and greases for the care, maintenance, and servicing of your vehicle. All DIVINOL lubricants for automotive use support the performance and reliability of your vehicle and provide proper functioning of motor, transmission and components.

The product range of DIVINOL Lubricants for Automotive:

DIVINOL motor oils for passenger cars
Motor oils for passenger cars for high-performance and reliable motor lubrication.

DIVINOL motor oils for trucks and commercial vehicles
Motor oils for trucks and commercial vehicles for reliable continuous operation and long maintenance intervals for heavy-duty motors.

DIVINOL motor oils for two-wheeled vehicles
Motor oils for motorcycles and scooters for agile driving and acceleration with maximum reliability.

DIVINOL transmission oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
Transmission oils for manual and automatic transmissions of all kinds - also CVT transmission and dual-clutch transmissions.

DIVINOL lubricants for maintenance and servicing
Lubricants for the care and assurance of the long-term functionality of passenger cars, commercial vehicles or two-wheelers.

DIVINOL greases for universal use
Greases for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles for general lubrication of, e.g. truck axles.