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Agriculture and Forestry

High-performance DIVINOLĀ® lubricants for agriculture and forestry keep vehicles and equipment such as chainsaws and lawn mowers running reliably.

Product categories

Maintenance and Care
Oils and Greases
Lawn Mower Oil
Saw Chain Oil

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Lubricants for agriculture and forestry

When it comes to the use of lubricants in agriculture and forestry, more and more demanding users rely on high-quality DIVINOL lubricants. In our lubricant program for agriculture and forestry, you will find a wide range of applications - also in organic quality. The lubricant range includes powerful high-performance lubricants such as chainsaw oils, two-stroke oils and lawn mower oils as well as care products for a wide range of applications. Our hydraulic oils and greases round out this portfolio.

The product range of DIVINOL Lubricants for Agriculture and Forestry:

DIVINOL oils and greases
For long-lasting performance of chainsaws, harvesters, mowers and other devices.

DIVINOL lubricants for maintenance and servicing
Cleaning and care products for the long-term conservation of agricultural and forestry machinery and motor devices.

DIVINOL special products and equipment
For the easy and safe use of DIVINOL high-performance lubricants.