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UVAFLEX Y80 - The modern flexo printing ink!

The new UVAFLEX® Y80 ink series sets new standards for UV flexo inks in the non-food sector. The modern formulation is the solution for demanding tasks in label and packaging printing. UVAFLEX® Y80 is the universal ink series for every application. The range of applications extends from wine labels on uncoated paper and packaging materials to wrap-arounds and shrink sleeves. Numerous thermal papers can also be printed well.

Brilliant + Strong
UVAFLEX® Y80 has a high colour strength. This means that anilox rollers with a lower cell volume can be used. In addition, the colours have a high surface gloss.

Top Performance
UVAFLEX® Y80 is at home on your printing press. Due to their optimised flow behaviour, the inks spread evenly in both chambered and open systems and show no ink spitting even at high speeds.

No Limit
The fast curing of UVAFLEX® Y80 offers you high safety reserves, even at speeds well above 100 m/min.

Modern + Safe
UVAFLEX® Y80 is state of the art in this respect and fulfills all requirements of the EuPIA Exclusion Policy.

Advantages + Properties

  • optimized rheology
  • very high reactivity high colour density
  • anilox rollers with a lower cell volume can be used
  • reduces of the dot gain
  • excellent print of fine details and sharp reversals
  • high surface gloss
  • top press performance
  • optimised flow behaviour
  • stable ink transfer
  • no Ink-Spitting
  • used raw materials are of the newest state of development and fully in line with the EuPIA Exclusion Policy.

Universal + Flexible

UVAFLEX® Y80 is the universal ink series for every application and replace the existing flexo ink series UVAFLEX Y6/Y7/Y77/YS.

The digital PANTONE® Guide serves as color standard, as known from the Y81 series. For the conversation of existing formulations of Y6/Y7/Y77 the relevant colorimetric data and mixing lists as well as a manual are available.  

Full Range

UVAFLEX® Y80 offers you the complete product range. In addition to process inks and PANTONE® colours, we offer also our high intensive base colours for colour mixing. Various opaque white grades are available, including a special opaque white for sleeve applications.

For the first time, we offer two different qualities of standard black in the scale: Y80-S1400 as scale black for all applications up to a speed of 85m/min. Y80-S1420 High Speed as premium quality for special requirements and speeds up to 150m/min.

Opaque white
The Following sorts of opaque white are available

  • Y80-X55001 – Standard opaque white, without fining, overprintable
  • Y80-X55401 – Standard opaque white, purple fining, overprintable
  • Y80-X55420 – opaque white with optimized adhesion, purple fining, overprintable
  • Y80-X55451 – Sleeve opaque white as cheaper alternative to YS-X55004, not overprintable



Following many years of positive experience using monopigmented ink mixing systems, Zeller+Gmelin offers a monopigmented ink mixing systems for our UVAFLEX Y80 series.

  •  PANTONE® shades are easier to match
  • Ink mixes have higher colour strength and are purer, because only the necessary pigments are used for the mixture
  • The higher colour intensity makes printing with reduced ink lay-down possible
  • Reduced dot gain in halftone printing
  • More flexibility when adjusting colour strength for special shades
  • Less colour deviations between reference sample and mixed ink under changing light sources (metamerism)
  • The colour communication between ink manufacturer and its customer will be easier and faster by the usage of monopigmented ink mixing systems
  • Mixing recommendations are available for all PANTONE® mixed shades
  • Ink dispensing, mixing and measuring systems with different expansion levels are available
  • Reduction of stock expenses
  • Lower disposal charges by elimination of leftover inks

Service + Training

Our experienced service- and training staff is recruited from professionals in the printing industry with close contact to our customers. They provide on a personal, yet professional level:

  • Individual UV Ink Training Programs
  • Technical Training at Printing Machines and Ink Mixing Systems
  • Custom Colour Matching
  • Implementation of Specialty Products
  • Ink Room Management at Customers Premises
  • Dispensing Systems Service
  • R&D Services for our Customers


Jürgen Walther
Head of SBU Management +
Technical Service - Inks
Phone: +49 7161 802-279

New Product Brochure

A new product brochure with all relevant information about the new UVAFLEX Y80 ink is available.